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    Established in 2003, after over 10 years, until now, Phoenix Co. has confidence in customers as the leading manufacturer in fields of designing and producing paper boxes, paper bags in general and paper gift boxes in particular in Viet Nam.

    Paper boxes, paper bags and paper gift boxes are formed by two sectors: paper material for quality and outside designs for beauty or advertisement.

    Our customers and partners highly appreciate the product quality because Phoenix is the leading expert in producing paper boxes, gift boxes and paper bags. In addition, almost of them are also specially satisfied with product designs due to our great experience in designing and printing as well as processing after – printed products.

    Thanks to this self-contained and professional process, together with our continuously creative staff and a constantly improved technology system, Phoenix Company always stably steps with customers and partners by a 5 – golden – word promise: QUALITYPRESTIGEDESIGNPRICE and TIME.

    Choosing paper boxes, paper bags and paper gift boxes of the Phoenix Company means you have a wise choice for your self, your family, your relatives, your partners … by high quality products with professional designs, prestigious services, reasonable price and quick delivery.


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